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Why Shop Real Estate in Livermore, CA – Small Town Atmosphere, Outstanding Quality of Life!

Livermore has been a very popular favorite lately with home buyers. The city offers a charming, vibrant vibe downtown area with restaurants, shops, and movie theaters. One of the main reasons this area is so popular is for its fantastic prices and attractive amenities. There are a range of different priced and style of homes. They range from modest starter homes all the way to pristine luxury neighborhoods in South Livermore. Livermore actually is known for its wide selection of properties and prices in the Tri-Valley area. Since this was discovered, the Livermore real estate market has been in a huge demand and steady appreciation.

Livermore, CA Neighborhoods

Livermore School Information:

The Livermore Valley School District currently is comprised of about 13,000 students. Schools were established in the late 1800’s. Due to all the growth in Livermore, the city has opened several new schools which are located more in the Northern area where the new housing developments are being built.

Ever since the late 1900’s, a private non-profit group of community leaders named the Livermore Valley Education Foundation was created strictly to help fund school programs. Because of this group of citizens, it has provided over $1.6 million to the school district to fund many different programs within the community. Some of these programs include sports, music, class size reduction, drama and media, and counseling programs. Due to the large development of high-end homes and the beautiful development of downtown Livermore, the future is very bright for this cities schooling.

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

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More About Livermore, CA

Livermore has roots all the way back to the 1800’s. The founder of the city, William Mendenhall, helped open up the first railroad through the town in 1869 which then transformed the area into an agricultural center. What’s unique about Livermore is that it had an ample wine industry dating all the way back to the 19th century. Livermore is still one if the oldest wine growing regions in California.

In 1952 when the naval base was transformed into the Lawrence National Laboratory, Livermore’s population exploded from 4,000 residents in 1950 to around 40,000 residents in 1970. Due to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory, the cities populations grew exponentially. Currently, Livermore’s population is around 85,000 people.

Within the past few years in Livermore, there has been a growth in retail activity along Interstate 580. Livermore’s downtown redevelopment plan has completely remodeled the downtown real estate that everyone enjoys. Not only is there fantastic real estate, but there are also attractive shopping areas, a movie theatre, performing arts center, high-end restaurants, and office developments. This location alone has become one of the best destinations for entertainment in the Tri-Valley area.

There are many older, more modest neighborhoods near downtown Livermore. More towards the North side of Livermore, there are newer, more affordable homes with beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and schools. More towards southern Livermore is home to the more luxurious neighborhoods with a mix of vineyards to create the perfect wine country experience. Livermore is the perfect place for an affordable home.

Livermore offers so many different community events for its residents that are perfect for any family. Some of these community events include Livermore Pro Rodeo, Harvest Wine Festival, Days of Wine and Honey, a beautiful Fourth of July celebration, and Fitness Day. These events are year round and provide entertainment to the community.

The weather in Livermore is nothing less than amazing. It is warmer and drier than the shore cities of Alameda County, but not as hot as the Central Valley which is separated from Livermore by the Diablo Range. Temperatures can get around 90-100 on a hot day but still can get cool during the winter months. The view is beautiful due to the combination of rolling hills, scenic vineyards, and a wonderful downtown, and different varieties of neighborhoods.

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