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Homes available in Danville, CA have seen large growth in recent decades. It comes with immaculate neighborhoods, top-rated schooling, and delightful views of Mount Diablo. The area has gleaming newer upscale homes and estates in the Eastern portion of the city within the Tassajara Valley. The Tassajara Valley has a large path of additional moderate, older homes within the Greenbrook & Sycamore location. Generally, the older, charming homes are on the West Side of Danville, which hallmark a more rustic, wooded setting. Although Danville homes are generally more upscale, there are a great mix of townhomes, condos, and homes that are at an affordable price. Danville has easily become a premium destination for many home buyers looking for a classy, charming, affordable community.

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Danville, CA – Small Town Atmosphere, Outstanding Quality of Life.

Within the San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa Country, the Town of Danville is located in such a beautiful area. With Danville’s population being around 44,000, you could only imagine some of the great activities and places the town offers. Some of these activities include the Village Theatre and Art Gallery which hosts children’s theatre, shows, and art discussions. The town also is home to a fantastic Farmers Market that is open every Saturday which is located right next to the Museum of the San Ramon Valley. Not only are there so many places to shop and explore, Danville has the Iron Horse Regional Train running through the city. This specific trail was first a railroad that had been converted to different bike and hiking trails.

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More About Danville, CA

During the gold rush days, Daniel and Andrew Inman took all of their mining earnings and bought 400 acres, which is now Old Town Danville. What’s so unique to Danville is that many of the early buildings still remain standing today. Even the street names and schools still are names after the early pioneers from Danville including Baldwin, Harlan, Wood, and Love.

The history of Danville is so riveting, it was originally an agricultural center and a stagecoach stop during the 1800’s. In 1891, Southern Pacific Railroad was built in the valley and the train stop was located near downtown. When the railroad was built, the town of Danville developed tremendously. Farmers started building warehouses since they were able to ship their crops through the railroad and the residents could now travel and from Danville.

The best part about Danville is its small-town atmosphere and the outstanding quality of life it offers its residents. There are numerous parks, tennis courts, picnic facilities, playgrounds, and walking trails. All of these give families great opportunities for different activities year round. With Danville’s weather, the sun shines around 300 days out of the year. This gives many wonderful days to walk or bike on the Iron Horse Trail.

Due to the growth and expansions of office spaces and business parks in San Ramon, Danville quickly became such a popular location for many people. Downtown Danville offers a charming touch as well as a nice old-fashioned touch with generous lot sizes. Homes for sale in Danville, CA around the late 1900’s had quickly become known for its luxury home developments, especially with the development of  Blackhawk. Blackhawk is a prestigious, gated golf course development in the foothills of Mt. Diablo. The development then started to cover the Tassajara Valley. Within a matter of time, large subdivisions had popped up all around Danville. Following these subdivisions, schools and different roads were being built just to keep up with the development of houses. It seems as if Danville has moved away from the large-scale commercial development and leaned more towards keeping its unique, small downtown vibe.

What’s great about this town is all of the special events that bring the community together. Some of the traditions of the town are the Fourth of July Parade and Light the Old Oak Tree. There are also many art festivals and holiday festivities that take place. There are many live theatre productions, art shows, and summer concerts that are put on by the Village Theater, the local Art Gallery, and Music In The Park.

The food is one of the biggest things Danville has to offer. People travel from all over just to eat the impeccable cuisine that is offered. Some of the town’s favorites are Bridges and the charming Danville Hotel Territory which now is a special Danville landmark.

Shopping at Danville is a very pleasant experience located in downtown. It has many unique shops and boutiques that offer specialty items. Different shops include antiques, jewelry, and art shops. Parking is easy to find. There is a reason Danville is one of the leading small communities in California. It not only offers a ton of great activities but a great place for opportunity.

Parks in Danville:
  • Mount Diablo State Park
  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
  • Front Street Park
  • Baldwin School Park
  • Danville South Park
  • Diablo Vista Park
  • Green Valley School Park
  • Greenbrook School Park
  • Montair School Park
  • Oak Hill Park
  • Osage Station Park
  • Sycamore Valley Park
  • Hap Magee Ranch Park
  • Bret Hart Park

Kids Interests:

  • Sweet Street Candy Shop
  • Blackhawk Shopping Plaza

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