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We understand just how difficult it can be finding the right place to live for you and your family. You need something that is safe, fun, and family friendly—a combination that’s increasingly difficult to find.

But Danville, California has it all.

In fact, this quaint California city has everything you need for you to call it home.

Below, we break down the top five reasons to live in Danville, California. See why you should consider making a move here in the near future.

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1. Top Rated Schools

Danville schools are part of The San Ramon Valley Unified School District and have achieved excellent academic rankings. In fact, Danville schools rate as some of the very best across California. That’s why more and more families are choosing Danville for their kids.

Because let’s face it: few things are more important than education. When it comes to finding the place that is best for you and your family, finding a place with easy access to quality education should be one of your biggest concerns.

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has a total of 32,213 students ranging from grades K-12. This is not so big that your child will just be a “number,” but also big enough that it has all the instructional equipment necessary for 21st century education.

In fact, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in Danville, California has a student-teacher ratio of 25-1. This means class sizes are small enough to be interactive, and you can count on your child getting quality one-on-one instruction.

If this isn’t a selling point, consider that Danville, California schools blow away the national average when it comes to test scores. Recent scores reveal that seventy-six percent of Danville students are proficient in math, and a whopping eighty-two percent are proficient in reading. Compare this to the national average, where thirty-four percent of (eighth-grade) students are proficient in math and thirty-six percent are proficient in reading.

That’s a massive disparity.

With many educational opportunities and programs like Street Smart (an initiative that teaches San Ramon Valley students the importance of road safety and road safety rules), students at Danville schools are primed for great academic futures.

If your child is planning on attending college, attending a Danville, California school is highly beneficial. With an educational system that ranks among California’s best, your child will have a leg up when it comes to preparing for entrance exams and actual performance in the college classroom.

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2. Fabulous Downtown

Few places have a downtown quite like Danville’s. Downtown Danville is rife with choices when it comes to excellent shopping and fine dining. The city’s charming boutiques offer unique items that you just won’t find anywhere else, making it a hotspot for shopping.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to do some quality shopping, Downtown Danville is for you. Whether you are simply buying groceries or wish to enjoy a day out on the town, this quaint downtown area has something to offer you.

You and your family will love the Danville Livery. This lively shopping plaza serves up a shopping experience like no other. With a wide open space, the Danville Livery is the perfect place to do some group shopping or simply hang out with friends.

That’s why hundreds of people, including tourists, visit the Livery every day to check out its amazing boutiques, jewelry stores, flower shops, and shoe stores.

Oh, yeah, and the spa.

It’s obvious that when it comes to shopping, Downtown Danville and the Danville Livery can’t be beaten. It’s the perfect place to find that outfit you’ve been looking for. If you just want to relax with good food and drink, Downtown Danville can help you do that, too.

The best part?

Downtown Danville is home to several award-winning restaurants. In fact, this amazing downtown area is a hotspot for foodies and tourists alike. With several casual eateries that are perfect for a simple meal, Downtown Danville is a great place to hang out with friends.

But it doesn’t stop there. Downtown Danville also features several fine dining establishments of traditional and fusion cuisine. These places are famous for their atmosphere and liveliness. Enjoy a gourmet dinner with that special someone while taking in the sweet sounds of live music. Hold her hand over a nice glass of wine and let the music take you away.

This type of scene, seemingly more appropriate for a large city, is more than possible in the quaint yet famous Downtown Danville area.

If that’s not good enough reason to visit Danville, consider this: the Livery often puts on special events and shows that are perfect for kids. There’s simply no better place to go for a bit of family fun. The little ones will delight in all the Livery has to offer, including wagon rides and face painting.

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3. One of California’s Safest Cities

Okay, so Danville is a great little city. It’s got fun things to do, great education, and good food.

But what’s the city like under this shiny exterior?

You may be surprised to learn that Danville was voted California’s safest city in a 2018 SafeWise report. That’s pretty remarkable.

This Bay Area town has a violent crime rate of 0.2 crimes per 1,000 people.

Yes, you read that correctly. This means that the town of 44,897 experiences just a few violent crimes per year, making it heads and shoulders the safest town in the Bay Area and in the state.

To put it in numbers, the average California city sees a violent crime rate of 4.49 crimes per 1,000 residents. The average violent crime rate for all American cities is 4.

At less than half of half of a crime, Danville should be at the top of anyone’s list if you are looking for a safe and secure place to start or raise your family.

Let’s put it this way: as of the 2018 Danville safety report, there were zero murders on record for last year.

It’s safe to say you won’t find that in many other cities.

Obviously, this makes Danville attractive for a variety of other reasons. Neighborhood watch programs and good relationships with law enforcement make Danville neighborhoods the perfect place to buy a new home.

Furthermore, Danville schools, which are already among the state’s best, are safe places for your kids to learn. With tight security and quality staff, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to your children.

Danville’s readiness to combat violent crime is one of the major reasons that the city just doesn’t see it. In fact, it’s safe to say that Danville is the closest thing to Mayberry you may ever experience on the West Coast.

So what does this mean to you?

Most importantly, it means that in Danville, California, you have finally found a town you can believe in.

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4. Ranked the Number Six Best Place to Live in the Nation.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise that Danville has been ranked the sixth-best place to live in the nation.

While that’s certainly not a surprising statistic, it’s definitely an amazing one. Without a doubt, Danville is among the upper echelon of all America’s cities, and everyone who lives there knows it.

Residents are attracted to Danville’s small-town charm. Indeed, despite being close to several large Bay Area communities, Danville retains a small-town atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming.

It’s not just this charm, however, that makes Danville an attractive place to live. In addition to this, the town has several outdoor recreation opportunities. This includes parks and exercise areas that are perfect for staying in shape, no matter your age.

You may be surprised to learn that Danville is only an hour’s drive from Santa Clara. In case you weren’t aware, that’s the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the world’s highest profile tech locations. For this reason, it’s not hard to find a good-paying job in Danville.

In fact, recent reports indicate that over 78% of Danville’s residents make six-figure salaries. That’s a pretty nice statistic. With a low poverty rate, the town enjoys a near universal state of middle class to wealth that’s very attractive for incoming residents and businesses.

It’s no surprise that California’s safest city is becoming a hotspot for quality businesses, developments, and educational advancements. This amazing trend is only expected to continue.

Additionally, there’s comfort knowing that no matter where you go in the town, you are never more than an hour’s drive from larger cities in the Bay Area. This means that you and your family can enjoy several nearby cultural activities and can take advantage of nearby economic opportunities, as well.

If you aren’t happy with your current residence, it’s time to stop being complacent. It’s time to start thinking Danville.

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5. Family-Oriented Town

All of this is made better knowing that Danville is literally a town for you and your family.

Despite major population growth from 1940 to now, Danville has remained a small town and emphasizes this in its official distinction. Even today, Danville rejects the designation of “city” in favor of “town.”

This is in part because Danville never lost that community feel. Even in 2019, the town is the perfect place for families of all sizes and ages. With community centers that are well-regarded in the region, there’s always a place for residents to gather.

These community centers, which provide Danville residents with fun and engaging activities and the chance to grow as a community, also serve as great welcoming centers for incoming residents. If you are considering moving to Danville, make sure to stop by a community center and see firsthand the warm welcome the town is known for.

Because the town is focused on families just like yours, there are always activities and programs to keep your kids busy and learning. There are, for instance, a number of summer camps that will allow your children to learn new skills and have the opportunity to interact and grow with other kids. These camps are great sources of education in a time when school is out of session.

In addition to this, the community has a slew of resources that you and your family will love to take advantage of. Public pools are available across the city and are the perfect places to relax or teach the young ones how to swim.

Looking to get your kids involved in a sport or other recreational activity? Consider joining one of the many rec centers across the town. Danville is home to hundreds of quality coaches and instructors who are happy to develop that athletic spirit in your child. Furthermore, Danville school sports are well-regarded and well-known for turning young talent into something special.

In short, Danville is the ideal place for you to raise your family. With a strong and vibrant community that’s also safe and inviting, the town has a lot to offer you and your family in just about every way.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple: there’s just no good reason not to move to Danville.

If you have been on the fence for awhile about moving and just haven’t found that special place yet, you can stop looking. Without a doubt, Danville, California is a smart move for both you and for your loved ones.

Living in Danville gives you the benefit of residing in one of the Bay Area’s last “small” towns. Danville couples a community atmosphere with fun and activities that most can only find in the big city. Furthermore, it’s close to several state landmarks and major cities.

To put it simply, Danville literally has everything. With safety reports you simply won’t find in any other California city, the town boasts a top-ten distinction as one of the best places to live in America.

So don’t hesitate. Take a trip to Danville today to see just what this hidden gem of a city has to offer you and your family.

You won’t be disappointed.

– Sonya Shastri, Real Estate Wealth Creator, 

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