See why Dublin has been called one of the greatest cities in California.

Great for those who are looking for the perfect place to settle down with their families, Dublin boasts some of the most incredible features of any city in the nation.

If you’re in search of a new city to live in, consider making Dublin one of your top choices.

From its incredible location to its several shopping centers, Dublin caters to all your needs.

By making the move to Dublin, you can start raising your family in a safe and well-developed city.

Open doors for you and your family by taking the opportunity to move to Dublin. See some of the best that the West Coast has to offer by settling down in this Californian city.

One of the best cities in the entire Golden State, Dublin has everything you need to live a picturesque life.

Below, we’ll walk you through five of the best reasons why you should move to Dublin, California.

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1. One of the Best Locations in the Country

Only thirty-five miles away from San Francisco, Dublin is never far away from some of the most exciting action in the nation. Located in the Tri-Valley area, Dublin is connected to the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area through BART railways. In fact, Dublin is only one of two cities in the Tri-Valley area to have a BART railway.

Because of its close proximity to San Francisco and other cities in the Tri-Valley area, you never have to be at a loss of things to do.

Though Dublin itself offers plenty of family-friendly activities, you’re never too far away from seeing what some of California’s other top cities have to offer.

Looking for an extra special day on the town?

Hop over to San Francisco for a one-of-a-kind experience. Have a fun day with your family and show your children some of America’s most famous landmarks while you’re at it.

The city life not for you?

Not a problem.

Go out and see some of the outdoor areas that Dublin has to offer.

This picturesque city is one of the most beautiful in the nation. See some of the area’s green rolling hills and get the perfect picture for your social media pages.

Amaze your followers with picture-perfect shots of Dublin’s sprawling landscape, or simply stop and take in the view yourself.

The perfect retreat, Dublin can awe the Romantic poet in all of us.

Dublin’s Bay Area location makes it one of the most unique cities in the world. It’s perfect balance between its urban city and its natural wilderness allow it to appeal to all kinds of people everywhere.

And for those looking for something even bigger, San Francisco is just a short trip away.

What’s more, by living in Dublin, you can get all the great benefits of seeing San Francisco without putting up with the headache of city life.

In a way, living in Dublin is like being a grandparent.

Grandparents, for instance, enjoy all the perks of being a parent without the hassle of the day-to-day responsibilities—similar to how residents of Dublin can enjoy city life without its daily struggles.  

Perfectly nestled in the Tri-Valley area, Dublin offers everything you could ask for in a city—plus more.

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2. Convenient Transportation

It’s not just Dublin’s location that makes it so great.

It’s also its transportation.

Not only is Dublin conveniently located by some of California’s greatest cities, it’s connected to all of them through its BART railway system.

This system makes Dublin an incredibly-convenient location for commuting around the Bay Area. With BART, residents can travel to San Francisco, San Ramon, Livermore, and other popular cities in the area. With each of these cities ranking among the best in the nation, you’ll have access to some of the best locations in the country.

Transportation to so many fine areas has never been so simple! And by living in Dublin, you can enjoy access to this powerful railway system.

Stay connected to some of the region’s best amenities by taking advantage of this world-class railway system. Great for personal and group travel, BART enables individuals to enjoy the best the Bay Area has to offer.

With this great system, there’s never any reason you should have to miss out on anything going on in the Tri-Valley area.

Want to watch a Warriors’ game?

How about the A’s game?

Do you just need a ride to the airport?

Let BART take you to all three!

The most popular form of transportation in the area, BART is even used by some to travel back and forth to work!

No matter what your transportation needs are, BART can help out.

The unparalleled convenience of this railway system makes Dublin an even better place to live.

Because you don’t have to worry about driving and using gas money of your own, you can save money on some of the most exciting trips of your life!

Whether you’re going to San Francisco or to your favorite basketball game, BART has you covered.

This incredible system can give you the mobility and ease of travel you deserve—making Dublin one of the best cities to live in in the nation.

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3. Top-Quality Education

If you’ve got children to care for, we know that education is going to be at the top of your list of priorities when moving to a new city.

The good news is that Dublin features some of the best public schools in the nation—and in the state of California.

Consistently ranking high on public education ranking and review site, the Dublin Unified School District provides some of the nation’s finest education.

With schools ranking among the best in the state, Dublin’s public educational system does a marvelous job at preparing kids for the next level.

Making sure that your kids are college-ready is increasingly important in today’s world, as the value of a high school diploma continues to decrease.

That’s why it’s important to choose a district like Dublin Unified. With the great educational opportunities your child will receive here, you can be certain that they will be on the right path to getting admitted into an institute of higher education.

Furthermore, the values instilled here will allow your children to understand the importance of a life-long education at an early age.

How do we know?

The reviews speak for themselves.

A look at the reviews from parents on sites like shows that most parents are extremely satisfied with the level of education their children are receiving.

With nearby cities also boasting some of the best schools in the nation, it’s no surprise that Dublin has been forced to remain competitive.

Dublin’s great educational system has made sure that the city doesn’t fall behind others in the Tri-Valley area—which is an incredible feat.

The Tri-Valley area, in general, has some of the best schools in the Golden State, with some of the nation’s best high schools being there according to US Weekly Rankings.

The fact that Dublin remains competitive at this level ensures that your children will be receiving some of the best education in the nation.

And for those who are ready to move on from high school into college?

The good news is that the Tri-Valley and Bay areas are chock-full with secondary education options. This means that your children can enjoy the ultimate flexibility in choosing a college that is right for them.

Though they always have the option of traveling far and wide to study, you may just find that close-to-home options are better for them.

Make sure that you’re prepared for this by moving to Dublin—or a city like it—before your child has to make such a big decision. By taking steps ahead of time, you can better prepare your child for future academic success.

And remember, with the great education your child is bound to receive from Dublin’s public schools, you can be certain that they will most definitely be college ready upon graduation.

Oh, and one more thing:

Your child is almost sure to graduate, as high schools in the Tri-Valley area enjoy some of the highest graduation rates in the nation.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, it’s time to put Dublin at the top of your move-to list today!

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4. Some of the Area’s Best Shopping

You haven’t been shopping until you’ve done it in Dublin.

With some of the Bay Area’s greatest shopping malls, Dublin offers a shopping experience unlike any other.

With several stores and the biggest brand names available, Dublin can fulfill all your shopping desires.

Whether you’re looking to make big-name purchases or simply stop for a bite to eat at a quality restaurant, Dublin has you covered.

Dublin offers a taste of some of the best shopping in the region. With several new and popular stores and shopping plaza, there’s always something to do for the inner shopper in you.

From the newly opened Whole Foods Plaza to the Imax Theatre, Dublin offers a diverse array of shops that’s sure to keep you and your family entertained.

Even better, San Francisco Premium Outlets are only ten minutes away from the city. Simply take the BART to them to get even more out of your shopping experience.


Want to stop for a bite to eat?

No problem!

Dublin’s shopping malls and centers are surrounded by some of the hottest restaurants in the area. Try nationally-known brands or local favorites—whatever your heart desires.

With the diverse options available, you can have a shopping experience that’s truly your own.

With this in mind, it can be truly be said that residents of Dublin enjoy one of the best shopping selections to choose from!

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5. Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Any list of reasons why you should move to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the area’s amazing outdoor activities.

With almost 800 acres of undeveloped space and several open parks, Dublin is one of the best areas in the state of California for those looking to have old-fashioned outdoor fun.

See some of the city’s best parks with your family or take a nature tour through the city’s massive amount of open land.

For those looking for something truly special, it’s worth checking out Dublin Hills Regional Park. This 654-acre park provides one of the best outdoor experiences in the entire country. With horseback riding, hiking, and biking options available, Dublin Hills Regional Park covers all the bases.

There’s always something to see as you hike down one of its beautifully-designed and well-maintained trails, and you can be confident that you are safe as you wander off into the park’s less-charted territories.

This all comes, of course, against the backdrop of Dublin’s bustling city life—meaning that, like other cities in the Tri-Valley area—Dublin offers a unique blend of natural and manmade entertainment. It’s a blend that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the nation.

The Bottom Line

Dublin has proven itself to be one of the best cities in California.

Because of its central location and importance in the Tri-Valley area, Dublin is intricately connected by BART to other leading cities in the area—including San Francisco.

Dublin residents enjoy some of the best schools in the Golden State, meaning that if you have children, you can be confident they will be well-cared-for here.

The bottom line, however, is that you and your family will never have to be bored. By being in such close proximity to other major cities in the area, you’re only ever one short ride to a completely-new experience.

If you’re looking to make your big move soon, there’s no reason why Dublin shouldn’t be toward the top of your list.

And we just gave you five solid ones why it should be.

Make sure that Dublin’s on your mind as you plan your family’s next big move.

– Sonya Shastri, Real Estate Wealth Creator, 

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